HTML 01: Getting started

In this tutorial, we will go through the basics of what a website is.

Since you found this article you might already know that HTML is for building websites. A website is basically like an old fashion newspaper. It have headlines, articles, section, pages etc. The one thing it is missing is the paper.

HTML stands for HyperText Markup Languages. It is the basic building block for a website and it is NOT hard. You will through this tutotial and your general work stumple upon another language called CSS. This tutorial is not an in depth tutorial on CSS though.

Let us try to split the acronym HTML apart.

  • HyperText refers to hyperlink. Which is the interconnectivity between web pages, files etc. which are on the internet.
  • Markup means it is markup language. A markup language defines the markup (layout) of the website.
    Remember HTML is not a programming language, since there is not mathematical logic in HTML
  • Language just defines that it is a development language

Before we go on, we need to have an editor to work in. An editor is piece of software, which can edit text files. In most modern operating systems; like Windows or Mac OS X, you already have one installed, but they are not very usefull.
When developing for the web you will prefer an editor which is capable of highlighting the HTML, see the line numbers etc.
The below example show how it could look like:

A good free editor is the Visual Studio Code editor, created by Microsoft.
It have all the needed features and you can run it from Windows, Mac OS X and Linux.
Go download the editor or any other editor you wish to work in.